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    Hebei xinqidian flax seed oil to give top-notch brand


    To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
    Current position:-English-About Us-Development

    2015Xinqidian development

    • May 2015

      The company developed a- micro capsule manufacturing method to obtain the invention patent certificate,
      patent number: ZL201310322077.6
    • April 2015

      Company for production safety standardization work safety bureau rang zhangjiakou tertiary enterprise certificate


    • October 2014

      Company was rated 15 to 14 years, Hebei province forestry key leading enterprises
    • October 2014

      The company was rated as the national support development of small and
      medium-sized enterprises top ten good faith enterprise
    • September 2014

      Company won the high and new technology
    • September 2014

      Company was awarded the provincial science and Technology
      Department of Hebei province science and technology enterprises
    • June 2014

      Company b ester workshop transformation completed
    • June 2014

      The company was awarded the fifth Zhangjiakou one hundred strong enterprises
    • May 2014

      The company was awarded the seventh batch of zhangjiakou
      agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise
    • April 2014

      Company by province association of individual and private enterprises association awarded
      the honorary title of outstanding private enterprise in hebei province
    • April 2014

      Company by the Chinese consumers' rights and interests protection center
      as the national consumers recognized brand enterprise 3.15


    • December 2013

      The company is the Chinese brand center, China enterprise brand name Committee
      as the most influential hundred enterprises in the country
    • December 2013

      In hebei province in 2013 the company won the title of advanced enterprise in product quality certificate
    • December 2013

      Xinqidian brand of flaxseed oil won
      the brand-name productsin Hebei province 2013-188
    • December 2013

      WeiCounty Zhangjiakou City People's Congress held a meeting in the company
    • September 2013

      State environmental protection expert panels to company inspection guidance
    • July 2013

      Zhangjiakou mayor Hou Liang and other leading to the company inspection guidance


    • August 2012

      The company was named the Provincial Forestry Department of Hebei province forestry industry leading enterprises
    • May 2012

      The company won the hebei province agriculture industrialization key leading enterprise certificate
    • March 2012

      The company won the zhangjiakou agricultural industrialization enterprises
    • March 2012

      The company won the "grape seed oil as raw material to prepare high content
      of linoleic acid ethyl ester method" invention patents
    • February 2012

      Hebei Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau deputy party secretary,
      deputy director Xia Yanjun to the company to inspect and guide the work


    • December 2011

      Hebei province famous brand companies
    • December 2011

      XinqiDian brand won the award for the famous brand in hebei province
    • December 2011

      The company won the hebei province AAAA enterprise standardization good behavior
    • November 2011

      Company to obtain a - linolenic acid/a - linolenic acid ethyl ester special stabilizer and
      its preparation method and application for a patent for invention
    • June 2011

      Zhangjiakou municipal agricultural industrialization scene will be held in
      our company, Zhou Lin, vice mayor Yang Yucheng attended the meeting


    • March 2010

      Weixian County 2009 annual production safety management of the title of advanced unit
    • February 2010

      Company produced by the production of flax oil by China's quality and stability of the well-known brand name brand


    • June 2009

      Company ISO9001 quality system certification
      To obtain ISO22000 food safety management system certification
    • March 2009

      The company's flax seed oil was certified by China organic product
    • March 2009

      Company won the hebei province product quality impact
      to protect "optimum" good faith commitment demonstration unit title
    • February 2009

      Weixian County 2008 annual agricultural industry highlights contribution award


    • December 2008

      China Agricultural University (Weixian County), a demonstration base for industry,
      research and research projects
      Professional Committee of rural cooperative organizations in rural areas of China
      Weixian County science demonstration sites listed in the company
      On the same day the company opened the celebration
    • October 2008

      Companies to participate in the 10th China international hi-tech fair in shenzhen.
      The company won the new business award, outstanding organization award
      and achievements into outstanding project award
      Company production of linseed oil was awarded a prize of excellent products


    • September 2007

      The company access to yu county bureau of industry and commerce business license of enterprise legal person
    • July 2007

      The company's production plant based
      Fu Zetian, vice president of China Nongda Weixian County county
      magistrate Qi Jianhua attended the groundbreaking ceremony.
    • March 2007

      The company's five founding shareholders and the China Agricultural University
      signed a technical cooperation agreement Falxseed project

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